Hike with Llamas: A Unique Hiking Experience


I am so excited! As I was browsing the internet today, looking for my next hike and things to do, I came across an ad. I couldn’t believe it. Hike with Llamas. Who knew this was a thing? I have been talking about it all afternoon. I definitely will be signing up for this unique hiking experience. In fact, I immediately texted my family and friends to start getting commitment because this is happening. New 2022 bucket list goal!

I have researched several farms that offer hikes with llamas. A couple that were close to my location, Virginia, have recently closed. I was however able to find several more options that look like a lot of fun. If you are just as excited as I am to have a grand adventure with a llama, then please check out the following companies.

Lower Sherwood Farm: Charlottesville, VA

Lower Sherwood Farms has been in business since 1986. Their website has pictures of their llamas. Lower Sherwood Farm offers guided nature walks with llamas on their farm. The hikes can take 1-2 hours and are 1-2 miles. There is also a mention that they do offer some walks at local farms and trails.

If you are interested in participating, make sure to review their rules regarding age participation and number of participants. Walks must be pre-scheduled. If you like to camp, there is an option to pitch a tent in their hay field.

Reservations are made through Airbnb Experiences and the link is located on their website. Pricing is $50 per person and the company is rated 5 stars on Airbnb.

Prairie Patch Farm: Swisher, IA

Prairie Patch Farm is located in IA and is a 50 acre nature preserve and wildlife refuge. This farm offers private and public hiking groups up to ten and fifteen people respectively. The group hikes have age restrictions.

Hikes are approximately 1.2 miles long and take about 90 minutes. This hike includes a 15-minute session to learn about the llamas. Pricing is $40 per person with variable pricing for private groups depending on number of participants.

Check out their website for more details. Registration for 2022 hikes opens on April 6th at noon. Prairie Patch Farm has a 5 star rating with Google.

Rowanwood Farm: CT

Rowanwood Farms offers a couple hiking options. They are listed as hiking adventure level 1 and hiking adventure level 2. Llama hikes are 1.5 hours. The hiking distance is not listed but it does state that the hike is easy to moderate.

Pricing for this adventure is $50. Call Rowanwood Farm to make a reservation. All hikes are weather dependent and may be rescheduled for inclement weather.

Check out their website for location details and hike information. Rowanwood Farm has a 5 star rating on Google.

Earthshine: Toxaway, NC

This llama hike is in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains. Earthshine has a lodge and is a great option for staying and playing. They offer several other activities in addition to the llama hikes like mountain biking, waterfall hikes, white water experiences and fly fishing. They do offer a class called Blacksmithing and Brews.

Back to our llama hike. The hike is approximately one mile long and is listed as moderate. The rating is based on some rocky terrain and possible slippery rocks. The llama hike is open to all age ranges but does require a minimum of 4 hikers. Hikes are rain or shine unless the weather will create unsafe conditions.

Pricing for llama hiking at Earthshine depends on the number of hikers. Reservations can be made online at their website. Earthshine has a 5 star rating on Google.

Smokey Mountain Llama Treks: Cosby, TN

Smokey Mountain Llama Treks is another 5 star rated experience on google! This hike is located in the beautiful Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Smokey Mountain Llama Treks offer a few different hikes that range from easy to strenuous. There are different combinations of hikes that can be booked. They offer short and long hikes as well as with or without a bring your own lunch that you can enjoy while hanging out with the llamas.

Pricing for the hikes range from $45 to $65. Trails are 1.2 miles to 2 miles (depending on the trail booked) – and take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours. Reservations must be made in advance and can be booked online.

If you are a more adventurous hiker, Smokey Mountain Llama does offer overnight camping trip. Check out their site for more information. Booking the overnight camping trip requires a participant minimum and must be booked by phone.

Divine Llama Vineyards: East Bend, NC

What a great adventure to have llamas and vineyards all in one place! Enjoy a beautiful hike in nature and top it off with a relaxing glass of wine.

The llama hike at Divine Llama Vineyards is a 2-mile hike along Miller Creek. Hikes generally take between 1 3/4 hours and 2 1/4 hours. The hike does have age restrictions and is $50 per person. Hikes are on Saturday and Sundays and an occasional Friday during the spring, fall and winter. Reservations can be made online.

The site does mention you can bring your own food for you hike. Divine Llama Vineyards has a 4.6 rating on Google.

Hiking and Llamas: What could be better!

All the above locations look like great options for a llama hike. I would love to hear about your experience with these or llamaany other llama hike! If you would like to share, please comment below!

I can not wait to book my first llama hike and share my experience with you. I will do my best to be patient as I wait for the spring so I can book my adventure.

As always, if you have any comments or would like to share any of your hiking adventures or know of any unique hiking experiences we should check out, I’d love to hear about it.

Happy Hiking,

Michelle Louise

e. michellelouise@hikingnewbies.com

4 thoughts on “Hike with Llamas: A Unique Hiking Experience”

  1. I have never heard of hiking with a llama. Do you bring your supplies for the hike or overnight campout and the llama packs it for you? Do you carry your own pack, just as you would for regular backpacking? How well trained are the llamas? It is my belief to be prepared for any eventuality or occasion that may come up. I can see how this would be an enjoyable hike. It could be a lot of fun to see how they react with a hike.


    • For the short hikes, you carry your backpack with you.  Most of them have a tether/leash on the llama and they walk with you.  As for the overnight Camp Out, it is the hike with the option to camp out.  You don’t bring your gear with you on the hike but can pop a tent in their fields for the evening.  You would need to bring your own gear.  I haven’t had a chance to hike with the llamas yet but I plan to soon! 🙂  Thank you.

  2. I am hiking newbie, I see that your website has just what I’m looking for.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn about these llama hikes, they seem pretty neat.  I’m not sure when I might go on one of these hikes, though.  I’m thinking it might be a better idea to get some experience with regular hiking first.

    When I do go, it will probably be the Prairie Patch hike.  I like the price and the intro to llamas.  Have you gone on any of these yet?  I would love to get some feedback from someone who’s been there and done that.

    • Hi George!  I have not gone on any llama hikes yet but the plan is to do one this spring.  I’m really excited about it.    I will definitely be writing up my experience.

      I hope you are enjoying getting into hiking!  I really just enjoy being out in nature.  Thank you!


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